Australia 1880 Sydney Half Sovereign PCGS VF35

S-3862D “Cross not buried” variety, only 1 of 2 graded by PCGS.

As I learn the business, countless questions arrise as to the variations in the coins. Why do they occur? This 1880 Sydney Half Sovereign is no different. The other variety is “Cross buried”. In the PCGS population there only ten examples graded by PCGS.

This makes it quite difficult for me to conduct research, therefor only time, further purchases and more study will help me to build understanding. It’s not a short-term project.

Walter Eigner of Numis Bid has resources devoted to the understanding and pricing of such coins as this one. Collectors might find it a useful website to save.  As the updated price on the page shows (Walter updates after his auctions have gone through) this coin is well priced.

Click on the link below to verify the coin’s certification at PCGS: