Australia 1925 Error Penny PCGS VF30

  • Double struck
  • Rotated-in-collar

Large premiums are paid on this key date coin in any condition. However, a 1925 pre-decimal mint error is almost uknown. One of the scarcest dates with an extremely rare error in circulation is of the highest importance in error collecting.

The slab on this Error Penny came with a surprise – a cracked case. Subsequently decided to restore the coin prior to returning to PCGS. The reverse was grimy and the obverse shows an initial spot of verdigris growing above the King’s crown. Not desirable as a long term holding for such an important error.

An image of this important error prior to restoration is visible below. The verdigris visible above the King’s crown has been removed and the reverse lettering has been cleared up. The product image shows the coin’s dark chocolate patina, not faithfully reproduced by PCGS.

This coin has been expertly restored and conserved with Verdi-Chem, which is also available in-store.

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