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Who are you?

If that line is ringing a bell (Elders Scroll V) then like myself you may be of the digital nomad generation!

Greener pastures means moving around for better opportunities. With my Swiss family I sold up and left the headwinds buffeting Europe.

Looking at the global marketplace I saw gold priced in A$ dollars resting around the 2012 highs, yet collectable coins have become affordable again.

If you have an eye for detail you’re going to love half sovereigns, where small differences make for a valuable variant. Self-education is key!

I’ve chosen to bring numismatics to my birthplace in Darwin, at the crossroads between Sydney, Singapore and Kolkata.

If I can help your collection with the addition of Australian pre-decimal, Proclamation or even select global coins graded by PCGS, don’t hesitate to call 0455 660 884.

Cheers, Les

Can I clean my coins?2018-05-21T08:21:43+09:30

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO…. sorry to sound like a broken record there but in today’s international market cleaned coins are worth a fraction of the original, untouched coin. I will not purchase any coin I suspect of having been cleaned.

Can you tell me what I should collect?2018-05-21T08:18:32+09:30

No, I’m sorry but I am not a financial adviser. Either speak to a financial adviser or, as it is so much more rewarding (in my opinion), take the time to educate yourself on how to grade and discover for yourself what you’d like to collect.

How much is postage?2020-10-03T16:13:46+09:30

Express mail with signature on delivery in Australia is $15, insurance is extra.

What’s my coin worth?2018-05-21T08:19:15+09:30

Unfortunately it is impossible for me to provide a meaningful valuation to everyone who asks this question! I can take a look at your coins when I’ve established a market stand and I will provide a paid service to those who would like their coins or bank notes valued without any obligation to sell!

Do you buy coins?2018-05-21T08:19:34+09:30

I certainly do buy coins! Do not discount your coin from my view because it doesn’t look as shiny or as untouched as what I sell – there are many key dates that are valuable in any condition! Call me on 0455 660 884 for further information and above all, DO NOT CLEAN YOUR COIN!

Do you have a shop?2018-05-21T08:19:55+09:30

No! With e-commerce making inroads every year expensive rents in Darwin make a physical store a liability to providing the most competitive prices to global customers. With every coin I sell boxed by PCGS, which includes attached high resolution photos, a collector can enjoy unparalleled views of their purchase without leaving their computer. It’s the future of numismatics! I will however endeavor to be at one of Darwin’s numerous markets in the near future so that you can sell your coins at your convenience.

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