Australia 1934-35 Florin PCGS MS65

  • Type 2B obverse and 3C reverse (the 2C cross pairing) according to Briggs 2nd Ed. 1 -2% of total production
  • Much rarer die pairing than the Type 2B business strike (75%) and type 3C (10-15%)
  • Superior wreath strike

At MS65, a collector has good reason to pick up such a coin. However, what PCGS doesn’t elaborate on is the different dies that were used. Those different dies have created a multitude of different coins collectors can choose from, or collect simultaneously as a group.

This particular die was causing issues in identification, but can now be firmly placed as the cross-paired 3B coin, which is the scarcest pairing of the business strikes. Note the strong wreath strike. Click on the image below to view a larger version.


You can read the concise guide to the Centenary Florin by David Briggs here;

You can verify this coin by clicking the link below: