Adelaide Pound 1852 Type II PCGS MS63



Adelaide Pound 1852 Type II PCGS MS63

From Eric Eigner of Drake Sterling; the technical aspects of this coin’s production:

Like the 1813 Holey Dollar and Dump coins, the Adelaide Pounds were crudely struck. Standard sovereigns were struck from dies manufactured in London. Tower Hill had had centuries of experience minting and producing the Empire’s specie. The dies for the Adelaide Pound, however, were engraved by a local die sinker, Joshua Payne, and the coins themselves were struck in Adelaide on local machinery by inexperienced mint staff.

The first batch of coins were struck on high pressure, quickly cracking the reverse die (and producing the famous Type I Adelaide Pound). A second reverse die, with a somewhat modified design, was hastily prepared and the coins struck were minted at far lower die pressure so as to avoid another mishap. The resulting coins were softly struck, often with crumbling edges and a poorly-formed crown.

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