Australia 1856S Half Sovereign Type 2 Reverse PCGS G04

This particular reverse shares the same design as the 1853 pattern half sovereign designed as a test of the future currency intended for the NSW colony beginning in 1855. Yet it displays small differences. For this reason Andrew Crellin of Sterling & Currency asserts this Type 2 reverse as a separate and distinct type coin. It is not an 1855 half sovereign, nor the 1856 Type 3 standard circulation half sovereign.

It’s not certain how many of these type 2 half sovereigns exist, but it’s believed to be no more than a dozen. Fortunately PCGS have recognised the variety and there are now 4 graded (07/23). This die combination is scarcer than the 1855 half sovereign, yet priced at a fraction of the cost.

More information on the possible reasons for said difference can be found here –

Ex-RBA sale in 2005. You can verify the recently updated certificate of this coin by clicking on the following link (opens in new tab):